iS-engineering GmbH - Ingenieurbüro für Sandwichtechnik, Leichtmetallbau und Baustatik

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  • Engineering consultants for Sandwich Technology, lightweight metal construction and statical calculations

  • Construction and statical calculations for roof-, wall-, floor- and front constructional elements, lightweight construction, sandwich panels and composite structural elements

  • Structural standards (i. e. tables of spans or loads) for constructional elements

  • Management of approvals and certifications

  • Software development (SandStat, SandExcel)

  • Special-purpose solutions

  • Expertises for the certification of products (i. e. at DIBt, EPAQ etc.)

  • Loss assessment, investigation of damages

  • Public appointed and inaugurated experts

  • Cooperation in national and international committees for lightweigt metal construction, sandwich panel construction and composite design (IFBS, EPAQ; DIBt, ECCS, DIN, CEN, CIB etc.)

  • In cooperation with iS-Mainz (Institute of Innovative Structures - Mainz) and Institut für Stahlbau und Werkstoffmechanik of TU Darmstadt and further German and international institutes

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